Y’all honestly don’t understand how beautiful this jawn is. Like honestly it goes so hard…. Like honestly… like here.

"my hair is locked but my spirit is free" awesome

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Since the natural hair community is exclusively black, should I, as a white woman with extremely curly hair and many years of curly problems behind, unsubsribe from countless natural blogs and never chat about hair with my black friends?










Yes yes you should and after that you should look yourself in the mirror and come to the conclusion that you cannot have everything especially a sliver in a beauty community that is catered to your white ass. Another thing you should do is grow the fuck up and get out of here with this ‘whoa is me shit’  like your curly hair equals centuries of deriding you & others like you based on hair you cannot help, ostracizing, cutting, relaxing, burning your scalp, getting sores, boils, and being told to take it not to mention being made to feel inferior just because of the way your hair grows out of your head. Being told that the only thing that makes you pretty is your straight hair, being made to fit into a beauty ideal that is the antithesis of who you are as a person and a woman

You will never be denied for a job because of your hair, you will never have the military put specific protocol on your hair. You will never have someone think you’re dirty because of the way your hair grows, never have the silent whispers, the pulling by strangers, made to be exotic, when you just living your goddamn life.  Please miss me with the bullshit.

You are the goddamn prototype in the beauty world and you have the nerve to come to me with the faux victimization shit while little Black girls are being suspended for their hair, harassed, and then told to cut it because it doesn’t fit in the spectrum? Grow the fuck up and realize that everything is not for you, that you aren’t entitled to shit and that being called frizzy franny or whatever the fuck else you were called is a LUXURY, comparatively to the shit Black women have had to endure regarding their hair. So that’s what the fuck you should do, grow the fuck up and look outside of your whiny entitled bullshit, I am not here for it.

Slayed orrrr ? Bahahaha

I guess you guys have your reasons for going off on her but she does have curly hair too. She’s just trying to connect with curly girls. What do y’all need to attack her like that? Honestly that whole response was uncalled for and rude. The girl was just trying to relate. Damn.

She was condescending as fuck in that message. Don’t come with that “she just wants to relate” she “had curly hair too”. She was trying to give a read and snatch like a rag doll. The natural hair movement is about so much more than having curly hair. That’s where you whites are coming off foul. You have no idea the roots of the movement yet you want to jump on the bandwagon. You can never relate to black women and out hair history. Do you still have burns on your ears from hot combs? Have you ever had bleeding scabs on your scalp from a relaxer? Many black women have physical scars, all from forcing our hair to be straight to fit European standards of beauty. Now we have created this small community to look to and white girls are running up and begging to be included when 95% of the beauty industry is aimed at them and doesn’t include us. Instead of asking us to include you spaces specifically made for us, ask your self why y’all are so pressed to included.

I understand that it’s much more than that, I’ve been natural my WHOLE LIFE. I know the struggle, but that didn’t sound like she was trying to be rude in my opinion, and of you’re thinking I’m white. I’m not. I’m African. Could’ve been a little more polite. I read it and wasn’t offended in any way. Yes whites are think they’re entitled to a lot of things but why not try to educate her in a polite way. I’m sure she didn’t mean to offend anyone. So don’t come at me for trying to defend someone who’s under attack because some of you guys took it the wrong way.

This will be one of the last times I address this, first point, I am not here to hold anyone’s hand or be their mystical Black guide into the world and nuance of Blackness. I have no time to coddle, hug, or give you things in a sweet package so it appeals to you better, my existence does not hing on me being nice nor does my survival in this world, it hinges on me being honest, concise, and straight to the point. I do not have the fucking time t break shit down to people that can look for the information themselves, I did her a favor by letting her know what the deal is regarding the natural hair community. I am fiercely protective of Black spaces carved out in a white world,I am exclusionary because we only get that sliver, and trust me it’s only a sliver.

It does not matter if she didn’t mean to offend me, she did my her mere entitlement of thinking that she would be accepted if she got snide, or told me about her Black friends condoning her co-opting something built from the Black is beautiful days of past. This is a movement for and by Black people to see themselves in the light of something beautiful, so that we can know and see others in their natural beauty without Eurocentric beauty values attached. White women are the prototype of beauty on a HUGE scale so excuse the fuck out of me for not catering to them like the rest of the world does and wanting a space for ME & other women & men like ME. Her minor inconveniences are not my fucking issue man, and I am not going to make an allowance into spaces that were fought for no matter how small.

It’s not about relating, its about the systematic oppression of Black folks due to their hair, nothing else just their fucking hair, in addition to all the other shit thrown at us, hair, the shit that grows out of our head. It is imperative that you see that it isn’t just about relating, she could never understand the sociological implications, and neither can you apparently. Its a social and political stand when you can see yourself s beautiful when the whole world says otherwise. And I want people to know that these things are happening NOW in 2014 in the goddamn present not years ago, right now. 

This is about so much more than hair.

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Lord, if you are Black and defending white people, please reevaluate your life.

ughhhh I cannot



A few days ago, I talked to my grandmother in Eritrea about working in the food service industry. Most of the conversation was me trying to rationalize the depraved mechanisms of capitalistic voyeurism in the US, though there really isn’t such a thing.

When she realized that…